About Us


V-Konstrukcije Company is specialized in all types of services for building constructions, including design, planning and construction itself. Since 2012 we have been working as an independent company and with great pride, we can claim that our company has grown into a reliable partner for construction. Long-term and firm relationships we are forming with our clients are the most relevant indicator of the great quality of work that we can offer. Our success is based on high-level management standards. We are committed to following innovations, improving skills of our employees, using modern equipment and materials of great quality and finishing projects in promised time.


Every new project is an opportunity for us to develop and realize the wishes of our clients, but also to prove our reputation in a competitive market of constructions. A significant place in our portfolio belongs…


Relationships Based on Trust and Authenticity

We put maximum effort to get to know better our clients in order to make our projects the most fitting one, according to the client’s needs and goals. Experience has shown that only by collaborating with the same business partners who share our sense of values, we can succeed in realizing our visions of every new project. Cooperation with both clients and business partners is based on teamwork, mutual trust, and open communication. All realized projects are in the service of our client’s success. Thank you for choosing V-Konstrukcije for your reliable construction partner.


We take a “We, Not I” approach to every project, leveraging cross-functional partnerships across our organization and understanding when and where to partner externally to strengthen not only the outcome for our clients but our relationships along the way.


7 Years of Learning, Building and Growing – To Meet the Needs of Our Clients

Team VKonstrukcija makes experienced management with workers and highly skilled craftsmen, but depending on the needs of the project, professional business partners also engage. We won our place in the construction industry by the ability of planning, design and construction. The employees of VKonstrukcije are responsible for executing complex projects, and so far over 40 locations have completed numerous renovations and new construction projects. We want to be recognized as the most reliable partners in the construction of finishing works in building construction.