Join The Team

A career in V-Konstrukcije starts with your wish to create incredible works and to be part of something special. Regardless of whether you are just starting or have previous experience that makes you uniquely qualified for a specific position, we would definitely love to hear from you because we believe in quality of the opportunity given to all. We believe that every individual gives a part of himself while working with us, enabling the development of the firm, and during that process, improves himself and his or her skills as well. Please take a look at the bellow mentioned positions and feel free to contact us if you wish to join our team.

A Personalized Approach

When it comes to the development of your career, it is our job to follow and support you. From specialized technical training to our award-winning new and experienced leader development program, we regularly invest energy into the training and development success of our staff in the construction industry. At the end of it, the most valuable resource of V-Konstrucije are our employees.

Partnership for Women

V-Konstrukcije partnership for women is a resource group za employees that are focused exclusively on supporting the recruiting, development and retention of women in construction, in order to expand and retain the difference in perspectives and work. Finally, the goal of V-Konstrukcije is to develop and support the culture of a company in which the biggest talents of the industry wish to join, remain and succeed. Hence, come forward, and show your knowledge.

Learning is Everything

Throughout your internship, you will develop practical experience in all aspects of construction and start to build the foundation for a full-time career in V-Konstrukcije. While working on some of the most interesting, challenging and award-winning projects in the country, you will learn from the #1 ranked construction company in Serbia.


Employment with V-Konstrukcije:

People in V-Konstrukcije are simply different. From the most experienced construction veterans to the latest graduate engineers, the best industrial staff is attracted to V-Konstrukcije. We make quality and safety our priority, always taking care of the goals of our clients. If you are ready to be “all in,” we want to hear from you.