This is Where the Rubber Meets the Road

The construction phase is ready to begin, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. Now is when your project is finally going to start coming into focus. While your end-users, donors and even the neighbors may all be checking out the progress, don’t worry. During the construction phase, we’ll mobilize our on-site staff of experienced builders — collaborating closely with you and the entire project team to make your vision a reality so we’re all ready to celebrate together on opening day.

Building From a Single Source of Truth

On any construction project, there can be a variety of moving parts and pieces. Budget and schedule details, evolving design, changing building models, and even owner stakeholders may all be shifting as the process unfolds. This is where an industrial construction company with hands-on building experience, technical know-how, strong trade partner relationships and a knack for looking at things a little differently all come into play.

To get started, the entire team needs to have access to accurate, real-time information ─ what we call a “Single Source of Truth.” Information you can access at any time and will have confidence in that it’s an up-to-date snapshot of your project. This was the impetus behind the creation of our collaborative VKonstrukcije Project Team Portal. Our online portal is just one of the many technology tools we use to improve efficiency, streamline decision-making and enhance communication during the construction phase.

Next, we integrate this sophisticated technology with our long history as a successful, national self-performing commercial general contractor. This means that we’re a commercial building contractor capable of performing the most critical work to keep your project on schedule and set quality standards. You can count on us to really understand what’s ahead and dig in to develop innovative solutions in an open way. Our control over the entire process sets us apart from other large construction companies.

Your Goals are Our Priority

You’ve got a deadline to meet, and we’re committed to helping you achieve this, safely, with the highest level of quality and at the best value. Our collaborative approach to scheduling expands on your schedule developed during the Design Phase and improves team buy-in. We then fold in our historical data and knowledge of the local contracting environment together with our experience as builders to keep your project on track, from the first day we break ground all the way through commissioning and start-up.